30th Annual Anchorage Folk Festival

This year’s festival is going to be a blast! We’ve been squirreling away ideas for the past few years & saving up in anticipation of a blow-out celebration. The festival will open January 16th with a kick-off party and continue through the 28th! Please follow along as we get pumped for this winter’s festival.


The Headline Performers

We couldn’t think of just one performer who could summarize the past 30 years of folk music in Anchorage, so we picked four! You may have already heard the announcement that Dan Tyminski will be bringing a few friends for the first week’s epic show. An email will go out shortly with the rest of the announcements. Sign up for our mailing list below and check out our lineup of guest artists!

Thanks for signing up!

We finished the first round of scheduling and will be sending drafts around to the performers to review shortly. If you fill out an application now, you will be added to the waitlist. Thanks to everyone who has signed up; please keep an eye on your email for confirmations – AND DON’T FORGET TO REPLY!

There’s a separate form for our very special volunteers!

Welcome to our two new board members!

Jayson Owens and Jamie Whiteman are joining the board for the 30th Anniversary Festival, and we’re already so glad to have them! This year’s festival will be a major undertaking, so we are grateful to those who are willing to dedicate their time and energy to making it a success. We still have one open seat on the board, so please consider contacting us if you feel the call