The entire AFF Board wishes to express our sincere appreciation for V Rae’s generous donation of our 2019 AFF artwork, represented on our program cover, festival merchandise, and stage banner.

“Moosician” is a 36 x 56 museum-quality, ready to hang, limited edition canvas print. (You can win this fabulous piece for your home at our silent auction. Visit the Anchorage Folk Festival table in the Wendy Williamson lobby to bid early and often! Winner announced Sunday evening, January 27, from the main stage.)

About V Rae

Alaska artist V Rae is a color junkie. She started mixing at an early age and no amount of intervention curbed the addiction. She says, “At first I was okay just painting with primary colors, but when I learned I could mix and trip on all the hues in a rainbow, I was hooked.” Call her a dreamer, but she thinks people are blessed with the capacity to weave beautifully diverse tapestries of life. Some smash atoms, some build bridges, others write, or play foot stompin’ folk music.

V paints to music, and considers her freestyle expressions reflections of life from a gift she can neither explain nor contain. “It’s my thread in the tapestry; a connective thank-you to my creator and neighbors for enriching my life with their gifts. I’m amazed by the flavor of a good Pinot Gris; I blink in wonder at the acoustic complexity of fiddles gettin’ down, and I wake up every morning joyfully anticipating the birth of new life from my brush.”

“I paint to moosic. Really. As the composition of a new painting evolves in my mind, it reaches a harmonious moment that demands expression. For the moosician, harmony is a combination of moosical notes that produce a pleasing effect. For most visual artists, harmony is the blend of colors that produce a pleasing effect. For me, blending color to inspiring moosic produces that pleasing effect…though the moose that frequent my studio may have a little something to do with it.”