Raffle Items

Just $5 per ticket! Learn more about these items & buy tickets at the AFF table in the lobby. All proceeds benefit the Anchorage Folk Festival.

Time to travel! Win one of two system-wide, unrestricted round-trip tickets, generously donated by Alaska Airlines. Drawings for one ticket each: Sunday evenings, January 20 & January 27 from the main stage.

A train ride like no other! Two round-trip tickets from Anchorage to Spencer Glacier/Grandview, generously donated by the Alaska Railroad. Drawing from the main stage: Sunday evening, January 27

Our Alaskan Art Trio Package will add color & character to your home. Package includes three (yes 3!) Framed Prints from noted Alaskan artists. Check out these beautiful works at the lobby table!

“Mountain Tondo”; 1984, Byron Birdsall, Signed & Numbered

“Ski Train”; 1994, Steve Gordon (An Alaska Railroad Commemorative)

“McKinley Ice Tondo”; 1985, Byron Birdsall, Signed & Numbered


Silent Auction

Visit the AFF table in the lobby to bid early and often! Winner announced Sunday evening, January 27, from the main stage

2019 Festival Artwork

Celebrate AFF’s 30th year with V Rae’s fabulous “Moosician,“ a 36″ x 56″ museum quality, ready to hang, limited edition canvas print.

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