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Time for a Sneak Preview…!

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Welcome to the 32nd Annual Anchorage Folk Festival

Howdy, Folks!
We’re so excited to announce that the 2021 Anchorage Folk Festival is going Virtual over the weekend of January 29-31.
There may be a global pandemic going on, but that doesn’t mean the music has to stop. In fact, we probably need it now more than ever! So we’re going to bring Festival directly into your homes for a fun-filled weekend of music and workshops.
Virtual Mainstage
We have hand-picked several local Alaskan favorites to present two virtual mainstage shows. You won’t want to miss these intimate sessions, recorded and produced locally. We’re still assembling the schedule – so watch for details here and in your email.
Workshop Opportunities
Our workshops have always been a popular way for musicians to hone their craft and learn something new, and we’re excited about having online opportunities this January.
Volunteer Opportunities
AFF could not exist without our family of volunteers. A virtual festival changes the available volunteer opportunities – but we still have plenty for you to be involved with!
Can you help with Fundraising? Are you a Social Media Guru? Do you aspire to be a Videographer? If you have skills, time, and energy to volunteer with AFF, please visit our volunteer sign-up form.
Membership Updates
We know these are tough times for many folks financially, but, if it’s within your means, please consider renewing your membership or becoming a new member of AFF by visiting our membership support page. We thank you!
Commercial Sponsorships
With a virtual format, we’re having to reset our sponsorship opportunities, but we still need your support. Please visit our commercial contributions page if you’re interested in supporting the Festival through a sponsorship or in-kind donation.
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Calling All Performers
As part of our weekend of music, we’re inviting everyone in our community to share their gifts and talents. Sadly, we can’t all share the mainstage this year but we are still committed to our mission to feature performances by the broadest possible representation of community performers.
Please visit our virtual open mic website for guidelines of how to submit your performance video. Both Ears Live Sound will be stitching these sessions together into a broadcast loop.
All Virtual Open Mic performance submissions are due no later than December 15, 2020
Anchorage Folk Festival