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Mile 12

Boston’s modern string band- is back in motion. From the first manic downbeat of their virtuosic new record, Close Enough to Hear, you’ll discover a band that is ready to explode from a restless pandemic-induced hiatus. You’ll hear the same warmth and innovation that earned the band IBMA’s 2019 Album of the Year nomination and 2020 New Artist of the Year Award, and that’s gained them an international reputation as one of the most dynamic bands in contemporary acoustic music.

“I’m more proud of [Close Enough to Hear] than anything else I’ve done to date,” says bassist Nate Sabat. “Listening back, I feel an undeniable urgency in the music. A fresh sound rushing out, wanting to be heard. The songwriting, arrangements, execution and aesthetic are all bullseye, and I couldn’t be more excited to share this music with our fans.”

Mile Twelve is BB Bowness (banjo), Korey Brodsky (mandolin), Ella Jordan (fiddle), Evan Murphy (guitar), and Nate Sabat (upright bass).

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