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Week 1 – Main Stage Performances

All main stage performances are FREE for everyone and located at the UAA Wendy Williamson Auditorium 2533 Providence Drive; Anchorage, AK 99508
All times are approximate, and schedules may be changed without notice.
All sets are 15-minutes except for the Guest Artist
Please see printed program for Performer descriptions. Thanks!

Thursday Evening, January 19th, 8 PM
Parlor in the Round
Kevin Worrell
We open the show with a very special edition of Parlor in the Round featuring Guest Artist Nate Sabat (Mile Twelve), Ashley Young, and Ed Washington

Friday Evening, January 20, 7 PM
Emcee: Robin Hopper

Mary Schallert & The New York City Boys
Turnagain Blues
Witty Youngman
Wings To Fly
Fiona Rose and the Show Ponies
Peter Chan the Weatherman with Cellist Brett Lindsay
Midnight Sun Zombies
The Hot Club of Nunaka
Guest Artist: Mile Twelve

Saturday Afternoon, January 21, 1:30 PM
Emcee: Hannah Bissett- UAA Concert Board

Sundance Kids
Folk Medicine
Lois Fedele
The MEAR Kats
Lauren S. H. Scantlebury
Graham Dugdale
Sashi and friends
Williwaw Blue
Dale Funk
Steve Waldron
Anchorage Folk Festival Board Band
Tim Samuelson
Harrison Sturm
Kelsey Cloud

Saturday Evening, January 21, 7 PM
Emcee: Special Guest

AMO Anchorage Mandolin Orchestra
Steve Durr
Four Fish In A Tree
Robin Hopper
The Twangabillies
The Overby’s
Edward San Martin
Uncle Jim – The Eastside Balladeer
Chris Thompson & Friends
Rosie Rush

Sunday Afternoon, January 22, 1 PM
Emcee: Matt Faubion

Mr. Potatohead
Anna May ­­
Guido’s Paddleboat Jam
Three Little Birds
JJ Shockley
Laurie Prax & Pam McCarl
Terry Kelly
String of Lights
Down From Lazy Mountain
Alaska Jumping Fleas
Clark Whitney
Justin Cano
Tundra Berry Jams
Dancing Buttons with Lisa Maloney
Fiora Graziano
Alaska City Folk Arts

Sunday Evening, January 22, 7 PM
Emcee: Eric Rodgers

Tom Begich and Sarah Sledge
Pepper Kit
The AllGood Family Band
Gal Pals
Folks Tales
Guest Artist: Mile Twelve

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