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Week 2 – Main Stage Performances

All main stage performances are FREE for everyone and located at the UAA Wendy Williamson Auditorium – 2533 Providence Drive; Anchorage, AK 99508
All times are approximate, and schedules may be changed without notice.
All sets are 15-minutes except for the Guest Artist.
Please see printed program for Performer descriptions. Thanks!

Wednesday Evening, January 25, 6:30 PM
First Annual Alan Walters Memorial Piobaireachd Medal
Teddy Krogh
Pronounced “pee-brock”, piobaireachd is music specifically for the bagpipe. This is a solo and band bagpipe competition held in memory of Alan Walters. Walters was a piper from Canada who came to teach and support bagpipes in Alaska for close to 20 years. Come celebrate ‘Burns Night’ with us this Wednesday!

Friday Evening, January 27, 7 PM
Emcees: Leslie Kleinfeld and Bill Yeagle

Mike & Matt
Anna Joy
Bayou Glacée
The Hoppers
Pipeline Vocal Project
Mountain Waxwings
Guest Artist: The Bucking Mules


Saturday Afternoon, January 28, 1:30 PM
Emcees: Lilly Goodman-Allwright and Michael Allwright

Meg and Her Married Men
Ashley Young
Alaska Button Box Gang
Russell Ariel
Robbie Beebe and Friends
We Might Panik
Cinder Leaf
Dawn Berg
Brothers of Tom
Paul Sangl
Fox in the Henhouse
Alaska Celtic Pipes & Drums
Roger Fuson
A-Town Sharps


Saturday Evening, January 28, 7 PM
Emcee: Andy King

Thunderbird Ukulele
Tracy Simmons
Steve Schoonmaker
Marianne See
Midnight Sons Chorus
Suzy Crosby
Ten Dollar Bet
The New Ferryboat Musicians
Solar Gain
Tok Dog Trio
Alaska Main Squeeze


Sunday Afternoon, January 29, 1:30 PM
Emcee: Patty Hamre

CERSC Ukulele Jam Group
Jammin’ With Jed
Anchorage Suzuki Fiddlers
Woody Bill
Harry Wragg and the Dustbusters
Termination Dusters
Geezer Skiers
Gospel Sound
Al and Aaron Koenig
Sturm Troupers
Stephen Hendricks
Gary Stedman
The Spit City Slickers
Ms Miriah’s Student Band


Sunday Evening, January 29, 7 PM
Emcees: Brett Jokela and Terri McCoy

Philip Price
Johnny Prizm
John Cook
Hurricane Dave
Lou Nathanson
Guest Artist: The Bucking Mules


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