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If you would like to help put on the 2023 Anchorage Folk Festival please take a look at the volunteer positions available at the links below. Please fill out your name AND EMAIL so we can contact you about the positions for which you’ve signed up. Volunteers get free admission into the events they volunteer for.

If you have questions about what’s involved you can contact us at

Interested in volunteering backstage? Send an email to to get onto the schedule. There will be stage-hand training sessions on Wednesday evening, January 18 on the main stage at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium at 6pm and again at 7pm.

Thank you! We couldn’t put on a festival without volunteers like you!

Dance/Movie Events Support

These positions support our events at Bear Tooth theater. They include dances with our guest artists Mile Twelve and The Bucking Mules, and a movie showing.

Volunteer for Dance/Movie Events here!

Festival Preparation

We need help loading and unloading gear from the storage unit, then getting it set up at the Wendy Williams. Then we get to bring it all down and put it away when the party’s over. If you have a truck and like to move gear you are in the right place!

Volunteer for Festival Prep!

Volunteer for Festival Wrap-Up!


You can help us run the merch tables for our Parlor in the Round or Main stage events.

Volunteer for Lobby/Merchandise!


We’ve got lots of other odd jobs that need doing. Take a gander and see if something fits your skills and schedule.

Volunteer for Miscellaneous Jobs!

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