2020 Festival Artwork

2020 Festival Poster

You may have notice a marked obsession with chickens around here these days. There's a reason for that... This year's poster, created for us by Mr. Levi Werner, is more than just a confabulation of chickens, it's a monument to collaboration among the arts. You get us, Levi, and we're grateful.

About Levi WernerLevi Werner

Levi recently graduated from UAA with a BFA in printmaking and plans to live in Anchorage Alaska for a while longer, teaching and doing what he can to contribute to the art community on a local level.

Drawing has been at the core of Levi’s art practice since an early age.  Since 2015 the artist has focused his creative energies on creating art through the process of printmaking.  The combination of printmaking and drawing allow a seemingly endless expanse for creative expression and investigation.

Being born in the 90’s Levi’s earliest experiences with art were through Looney Tunes, animated Disney movies, rock and roll album covers and books like the Berenstain bears and I SPY.  Nowadays Levi is inspired by everyday life in this tech centric 21st century. Levi’s goal in current and future works is to create concise social commentary.