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Workshop Schedule

Workshop Leader

Dawn Berg

Wolfgang Q Olsson

Shonti Elder

John Cook

Kevin Cassity

Anchorage Folk Festival


January 22nd @ 10:00 AM

January 22nd @ 11:15 AM

January 22nd @ 1:00 PM

January 22nd @ 1:00 PM

January 22nd @ 2:30 PM

January 22nd @ 5:30 PM


Chorus Song Sing-Around- Come lead your favorite great sing along chorus camp, folk, gospel, Irish, bluegrass, etc. song. Only singing leaders will be unmuted, everyone else can sing along with their mics off.

Mandolin workshop for all levels! Just make sure to bring your mandolin and be ready to have some fun!

Learn some easy, fun tunes from Scotland and Ireland. All instruments and skill levels welcome.

Finger style guitar-we will cover the basics of finger picking, use of alternate chord structures, harmonics and 'drop D' alternate tuning.

This workshop will give you an experiential taste of Feldenkrais and an opportunity to ask questions. For the experiential part you’ll need a space where you can lay down and move your arms and legs in all directions … and a surface on which you’ll be comfortable exploring movement (a lightly padded surface like a carpet or ensolite pad or moving blanket works well. A folded towel may also be useful to put under your head.) If you play an instrument you may want to have it handy to play briefly before the Feldenkrais lesson and then again after the lesson to see if you notice a difference. Kevin Cassity is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner with a special interest in applications of Feldenkrais to athletics, the arts, and healing."

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