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May 14th Professional Workshops at Cuddy Park

12:00 pmShonti ElderBeginning / Intermediate Fiddle
How to adapt your violin style easily to bluegrass, old-timey or swing with easy double stops (two strings at the same time) and slides into notes. Sheet music will be available, and other instruments are welcome.

12:55 pmMary SchallertHow to Jam
Using the Jammandments

How to jam: the basics for making music with friends.

1:50 pmMiriah PhelpsBasic Improv Using Scales
Tip and tricks for making up melodies on the spot that sound pretty cool using the pentatonic scale. All instruments welcome.

2:45 pmKat Moore & Alex CruverJamming:
Improv Style

Come learn the ropes from two instructors who have walked in every pair of these musically metaphorical “shoes.” We look forward to laughing, learning, and making beautiful music with you.

3:40 pmRose’s Pawn ShopBand Songwriting and Collaboration
Rose’s Pawn Shop shares their songwriting and arrangement process with a presentation on songwriting and song construction with an open discussion and Q&A session.

Theses workshops are for all ages and levels of experience!

Past Workshops

April 24th: Harp & Soul; A History of Lyrical Storytelling with Christine Elise and Kuf Knotz




April 23rd: Generative Songwriting Workshop with Lauren Scantlebury

Title: Generative Songwriting Workshop

Description: This workshop uses the Amherst Writers & Artists method to facilitate writing of lyrics, melodies, or both. Participants write to prompts and are invited to share what they’ve written. We respond to each other’s work, focusing on what is strong about the writing and what stays with us. Lauren S. H. Scantlebury is a writer, musician, and community artist in Anchorage, Alaska. She released her debut album, Emerging, in 2020.



April 7th: Tyler Grant Flatpickin’ Workshop

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